The USJJO is the National Governing Body for Ju-Jitsu in the USA

IJJFlogoThe Ju-Jitsu International Federation has recognized the United States Ju-Jitsu Organization (USJJO) as the National JuJitsu Member of the USA and as the recognized Governing Body for JuJitsu in the USA.

As JJIF is Full Member of SportAccord (former GAISF – General Assembly of International Sports Federations) and IWGA (International World Games Association) and is the governing body of JuJitsu worldwide, USJJO is now entitled to participate not only in JJIF activities and championships but also in multi-sport events along the lines drawn by JJIF

See the letter from the JJIF to the USJJO JJIF-NGBLetterToUSJJO022014

Link to the USJJO Press Release USJJO Press Release-JJIFNGB