Homologation Ranking

Homologation is a technical term, derived from the Greek homologeo ¬†for “to agree”, which is generally used in English to signify the granting of approval by an official authority. This may be a professional body which would normally work from a set of strict rules or standards to determine whether such approval should be given.

For students or instructors who wish to join the USJJO and already have rank in ju-jitsu, the USJJO rank system provides procedures for homologation. Homologation is the issuance of USJJO credentials for Ju-Jitsu rank possessed by a prospective or current member when that rank has been issued by a recognized ju-jitsu organization.

Homologation is the method by which an Instructor can register a new member who has proof of rank in the form of a rank card or certificate that is recognized by the Ranking Committee of the USJJO.

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To homologate a USJJO member with acceptable rank credentials

Mail application and payment to: USJJO, 7580 Northcliff Avenue, Suite 500, Brooklyn, Ohio 44144