USJJO Affiliated School: Caldwells’ Shin Ryu Kan Martial Arts Institute

CaldwellsShinRyuKwanPromoting the true spirit of Okinawan/Japanese Martial Arts

Shin Ryu Kan (Dragon Spirit Building) was established in 1984 in Bellevue, Nebraska by Shihan James A. Caldwell (Tatsuo Koyasu). We are a pioneering effort in the United States for Soryu Karate-Do, Okinawan Matayoshi style Kobu-Do (The Way of Ancient Weapons) affiliated with the International Okinawa Kobu-Do Association and Japanese Bai Shin Ryu Jujutsu. Our purpose is to promote the true spirit of the Okinawan/Japanese martial disciplines by offering qualified instruction, education and demonstrations in traditional Okinawan/Japanese Karate-Do, Okinawan Kobu-Do and Japanese Jujutsu. Membership is open to all individuals.

Shin Ryu Kan offers the finest martial art education available. The training sessions stress conditioning through the execution of basic techniques and are unquestionably rigorous, both physically and mentally. Attainment of perfection involves a great deal of quick and reflexive repetitive movement. While such training is difficult, it serves to give the practitioner both the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to advance to the higher levels of performance.

So that one may devote full attention to training, sessions begin and end with a meditation period during which one sheds the psychological attachments of life out of the Dojo (training hall). Our training spirit is one of mutual respect and good nature fellowship. We encourage approaching our training with an open mind and a sense of enjoyment. We foster mentorship where the more knowledgeable and senior assist those that are less knowledgeable and junior. We seek to learn and grow by serving each other along “the way” (Do). The literal translation of the Japanese word “Do” is “path”, “way” or “road” and suggests that the art is a means or way for the ultimate perfection of character. “Do” is found suffixed to names of many Japanese martial ways.

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