Self-Defense Seminar: Survival at all costs!

When:   September 20th, 2014   9am – 6pm (registration starts at 8:00 am)
Where: 18 W. Main Street Madison, Ohio 44057

Seminar Fee:  $100       $20 USJJO Member Discount     $20 CQCSI Coin Holder Discount

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This seminar will focus on the need to create intensity for survival, both psychological and physical. Following the recent international attention on the execution of two U.S. Citizens, we need to take time to consider what we would do – what we could do to survive or protect our families from similar encounters.

Seminar Host Richard Fike will lead off the day discussing what it takes mentally to survive while being held as a captive both domestically and internationally. He will direct his training on several mission specific techniques designed to be what some would call “violent” in able to overwhelm single and multiple attackers determined to take your life. “We must adopt the attitude that we will not go silently into the night!” Several drills will prepare the participant to deliver these techniques with confidence, precision and effectiveness. He will also discuss proven psychological elements that are necessary to survive in what to most would appear to be a hopeless situation.

Dr. Ron Layton specializes in preparing professionals mentally and physically in methods of survival that are designed to identify and eliminate threats that operate within their environment. He will deliver a hard core two hour package that will keep you moving and thinking on your feet or off, depending on how prepared you are. His class will concentrate on the cultivation and delivery of energy, crisis rehearsal and immediate incapacitation techniques.  If you have ever attended Dr. Layton’s classes, you know you are in for some high speed action and realistic training that will work on the street, the city or the jungle. Be ready to ask your questions.

Dr. Michael Dunphy will bring with him his many years of experience and training in martial arts and martial science He will offer his expertise focusing on Multiplistic Armed and Unarmed Martial Applications for Core Biomechanics. This two-hour session will focus on 3-5 core biomechanical actions with related armed and unarmed martial applications ranging from “control to lethal” in the escalation sequence. Weaponry will include applications of short stick, short blades, small hand held devices (tactical pen, tactical flashlight, folders, etc…) and some non-shoot firearms applications. Many of these core biomechanical actions are authentic warrior-based kata bunkai for those who want to know. All actions learned have classical martial roots and modern tactical applications for realistic personal protection for the purpose of survival when engaging violence. Style or martial background is irrelevant as these actions are not stylized but rooted in martial sciences where validation was battle born and not subject to the opinion or whims of any one person. Be prepared for an action filled, high energy and content rich session that will permanently alter the way you train.

Don’t miss this action packed day of training and professional association. Certificates will be presented to those who complete the training.


Was appointed the Director for Self Defense and Close Quarter Combatives for the USJJO in 2014.   He is the Director of the Close Quarter Combat Skills Institute (CQCSI) which regularly conducts “unadvertised” training and introduces “at risk” resolution technologies for special teams preparing for their next mission. The motto of the CQCSI is “Obligation To Survive”. He is a licensed instructor for the Ohio Peace officer Training Council and holds an 8th Degree Black Belt in Karate, Judo and Ju-jitsu teaching from his Dojo in Madison, Ohio. He is a career Special Operations Officer who served over 26 years with extremely aggressive special mission units across the globe. He is a regular advisor and trainer to various federal, military and private organizations across the United States and abroad on small unit tactics and individual survival. Recognized as an authority on personal security and threat recognition/mitigation, he has authored two best selling books: “Staying Alive – a Family Guide to Crime Prevention”, and “How to Keep from Being Robbed, Raped & Ripped Off” both from Acropolis Books. In addition, he has written for numerous publications such as: “Black Belt Magazine, Karate/Kung Fu Illustrated, Karate International and United Kingdom’s – Combat Magazine.”

Ron Layton was appointed as the Senior Instructor for Self Defense and Close Quarter Combat with the USJJO in 2014. With more than 40 years multi-disciplined training in martial arts and close quarter combat and extensive experience as an instructor and practitioner of law enforcement he is a recognized as a professional in behavior science and dealing with threat encounters. He holds an 8th Dan in Karate and Jujitsu.

With 44 years of martial experience, Dr. Dunphy has earned many grades, licensures and certification in martially pertinent skills. In his younger years, Dr. Dunphy was a competitive fighter, an international referee and an active member of many national and international martial organizations. Currently a senior representative of Martial Sciences International (MSI), Dr. Dunphy specializes in close-quarter armed and unarmed tactical solutions to violent encounters.   An expert with the tactical pentad and related weapons, Dr. Dunphy’s training includes a strategic combination of both classical martial and modern tactical applications. He is also a veteran professional speaker, educator and biochemist with expertise in the science of stress, stress-response and factors affecting the human stress-response mechanism.