USJJO Affiliate School: Martial Science Center

MartialScienceCenterThe Martial Science Center offers superior personal protection training by taking proven classical applications and integrating them with modern practice and paradigms. The result is time tested and relevant protection training.


Phone: (248) 703-1471

Martial Science Center, 937 N. Opdyke Rd, Auburn Hills, MI.
Southfield Martial Arts,   29100 Southfield Rd., Southfield MI

Classical Nihon Jujutsu
Not the stuff of tournament fighting, classical jujutsu is protection intent martial study that stresses maximum trainee effectiveness through superior technique and the ability to use an attacker’s momentum and intent against them. When your objective is survival, our jujutsu program will prepare you to prevail.

Yoshinkai Aikido
Aikido is the practice of harmonizing with the energy of an attacker. The aikidoka strives to be so proficient with his practice that not only does he protect himself, but does no harm to his attacker. It is a deep practice, and is a dynamic metaphor for how we should confront all conflict.

Toyama Ryu Iaido
Our iaido program not only covers this highly militant type of sword training, but explores the use of many other weapon types. With an understanding of multiple weapons, the trainee understands the sword more thoroughly, and develops an understanding of the interrelatedness of all martial engagement types.