USJJO Affiliated School: Madison Combined Martial Arts Association


Location: 20 West Main Street, Madison, Ohio 44057
Phone: (440) 428-7008

SANCHI-RYU KARATE (SRK): An Original American Martial Arts System developed by Mr. Fike in 1977, which was fully established 1n 1987. SRK combines techniques from various arts that Mr. Fike studied since 1967, specifically Karate, Judo, Jujutsu, Hapkido, Kung-Fu, Wrestling & Boxing. With over 40 years of experience with the arts, and Senior Black Belt ranking in numerous arts, Mr. Fike has trained extensively across the U.S. and Asia, including other exotic locations across the globe. SRK emphasizes the Traditional martial arts philosophy of avoiding all conflicts wherever and whenever possible; however, when faced with a determined attacker and no alternative to escape, the Sanchi-Ryu student chooses to utilize three levels of defense to stop the intentions of the attacker.

First the student attempts avoidance techniques (passive defense) to keep from being injured. If the attacker continued, the student moves to deflection techniques (soft defense) to redirect the attack; then if necessary and with intensity, the student applies blocking techniques (hard defense) which emphasizes powerful and direct blocks to stop the attacker in his tracts. If following the use of these defenses, the attacker still persists, then the student changes his attitude from that of defensive to offensive, and decisively strikes a quick and final blow to end the attack. This may be in the form of a kick, a punch, a wristlock or throw.