Ranking Committee

James A. Caldwell
Milt Kujawinski
Michael Piaser
Don Madden

Military and Law Enforcement Martial Arts

Chair:  Gary Hensley
Richard Fike
Ron Layton
Taybren Lee, Jr.
Terrell Young
Robert Jones
James Webster
Jose Dominguez
Renato Migliaccio
Royce Bell
Ed Carol

USA Team Development

National Director: Michael Piaser
Grant Campbell
David Elias
Ed Carol
Jose Dominguez
Joseph Santocildes
Lance Weimer
Sarah Stanton
Terrell Young
Travis Boggs
David Bonner
Perry Culver

Ne Waza Committee

National Director: Taybren Lee
Marcelo Carvahlo
Ron Hill
James Hill

Training Committee (Law Enforcement, Government, Civilian)

National Director of Self-Defense and Combatives:  Richard Fike
Senior Training Instructor: Ron Layton


Jose Dominguez – Pan-American Delegate

Referee Committee

USJJO Referees Page

Tournaments and Rules

Chair: Michael Piaser

Coaching Committee

Chair: Travis Boggs

Membership Committee

Chair: Scott Long

Marketing and Merchandise

Chair: Milt Kujawinski

Women’s Development

Chair:  Sarah Stanton
Chelsea Long

Adaptive Athlete/Paralympic Development Committee

Chair:  Sarah Stanton
Ronald Mann
Gary Hensley
Scott Long

State Representative

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