USJJO Affiliated School: Great Lakes Training Group

We would like to introduce you to a new member school, Great Lakes Training Group

Address: 1795 NE 50th Avenue, Willmar, Minnesota
Phone: 320-226-3225

Adult Jujitsu
Youth Jujitsu
Firearms Training
Law Enforcement Training
Self Defense Training

Great Lakes Training Group was established to fulfill the increased public interest in every aspect of personal protection. They are building a proper foundation for effectively handling real world, high risk situations, where adversaries think, move, and fight back. Their training has a strong principle based philosophy from which technique can be evaluated and developed. As instructors they will maintain the highest code of ethics, preparing members of our community to understand the ethical, legal, and practical reasons for personal protection.

Ethical Reasons Your religious beliefs are an integral part of ethical reason for self defense and defense of others. They also understand many members of the community have preconceived notions and misinterpretations of their religious beliefs on self defense. Those religious views are changed by teaching:

  • The obligation to preserve life
  • View of bloodshed
  • View of lethal force/self defense
  • Possession of weapons and skills with weapons as a good and useful thing.

Legal Reasons The legal right to self defense is based on your state’s laws which is recognized or established by a court of law. You are encourage to read and fully understand your state laws as it pertains to self defense. Their training is not meant to be a means of legal advise but in certain training courses federal, state, and local laws maybe address as required by organizations that approved them as instructor trainers/instructors.
Practical Reasons Practical reasons for self defense concerns actual facts and real life experience which is appropriate, sensible, and likely to be effective.

 They use training models that are structured and consistent to training methodology. 

  • Training must be validated.
  • Persons conducting training are qualified.
  • Training is properly conducted and documented.
  • Training is “state of the art” and up to date (best practices standard).
  • Adequate measures of learning are documented.
  • There is remediation for those who did not learn or meet the standard (qualification).
  • There is supervision to monitor a trainee’s progress.

Great Lakes Training Group’s training is a development from many years of training and real world experience.