Update for the 2019 USJJO USA Nationals and International Open

JJIF USA International Open and Nationals! Cost will be $100 USD; main hotel link will be available soon. Please feel free to message Jose Dominguez or Sarah Stanton if you are coming so we can put your name down and clear for security.

Register for the USA International Open and Nationals at https://events.membersolutions.com/event_register.asp… If you are competing at the Open, we will also need you to register with JJIF Sport Data so you can get your points for the World Games.

USA Nationals and Open Hotel Info:

Group Rate: $104.00 (Individual pays own Room & Tax)

Group Name: Jiu Jitsu Tournament. In order to receive the contracted rate, attendees must identify their group affiliation for reservation.
Reservation Link: Jiu Jitsu Tournament